Indoor Coverage Solutions

We have all experienced some form of mobile coverage mishap, be it your signal cutting out during an important business meeting or missing phone calls from your boss in the midst of a crisis. In fact, these are all too familiar scenarios for those of us living and working in the North America, Europe – according to a recent study by Arqiva, as many as 1 in 2 of us (49%) claim to have experienced mobile coverage issues within our office building, some as frequently as every week (72%) or even daily (25%).

For a nation striving to lead the way in the 5G rollout, and with 80% of all mobile phone calls being made from inside a building (according to Informa), the stats signal a real and growing issue.

So why are indoor coverage woes persisting at a time when the world is so digitally connected, and who should we be looking to for a solution?

Radio Coverage: In today’s society, people want to be able to use their smartphones at any time and in any place. According to an often quoted stat from the analyst group Informa, approximately 80 percent of mobile phone calls are now made from inside a building.

Indoor mobile coverage continues to be a challenge. It’s not uncommon for an organization’s conference room to get a consistent, strong cell phone signal while the connection in the CEO’s office on the other side of the building is clear one moment and inaudible the next.

Wi-Fi: WiFi calling is possible. To make calling over WiFi is really attractive for end-users, an almost seamless integration with the native calling function of the mobile device is necessary and mobile incoming calls can be answered over WiFi.